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The Actions menu is one of the menus in the game Wild Terra, where players can select various Actions.

To access actions, press "V" or click on this icon next to the stamina orb on the bottom-right corner: Interface hud actions.png. Actions can also be assigned to the hotbar.

List of Actions[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Hotkey (Default)
Interface actions cartography.png Cartography Allows you to set waypoints to visited places. "M"
Run.png Run Hold ALT button to move faster. Running drains stamina. Hold "Alt"
Non-target attack.png Non-target Attack Allows you to attack with a weapon without selecting a target Hold "Shift"
Interface actions sitdowngetup.png Sit down/Get Up Sitting down will restore your stamina and health much faster. None
Demolish.png Demolish Demolish your building None
Repair.png Repair Repair damaged buildings None
Suicide.png Suicide Can be helpful if you get stuck None