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Mob Bear.png
Aggressive: Yes
Possible loot: Item02.pngCarnivores meat
Item01.pngRaw bear hide
Item01.pngBear's head

Description[edit | edit source]

The Bear is one of the animals found within Wild Terra.

The Wild bear is one of the most dangerous animals and will attack and chase players when they are near. If a bear hits you, you will begin to bleed and suffer 5 damage every few seconds. Bleeding can be stopped with a Item01.pngbandage.

After you have killed a Bear, you can equip a Bonus01.pngknife in your right hand and click on the bear to receive loot.

Animal taming[edit | edit source]

Animal taming level Category Hability Snare Trap Feed Cooldown
38-81 Mount 100% speed bonus Item03.pngsnare for dangerous animals Item02.pngbear lariat 50 Item01.pngraw meat 23 hours