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Type: Crafting
Max Level: 60

Blacksmithing is a skill of smelting Item02.pngcopper ingot, Item02.pngbronze ingot, Item01.pngiron ingot, Item01.pngsteel ingot and Item04.pngthozorium ingot.

Useful to create items like Item01.pngiron hammer, Item01.pngnoble sword and Item02.pngspanish horse helmet.

Copper age[edit | edit source]

Bronze age[edit | edit source]

Iron age[edit | edit source]

Steel age[edit | edit source]

Thozorium[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

You can eat Item02.pngfried beans, Item03.pngraisins bun and Item03.pnghoney donut to get crafting effects.

Build a Building01.pngforge to disassemble items and recover metal ingots.

Building01.pngSmall bloomery requires 10 Item01.pngiron ore to make 1 Item02.pngiron bloom.

Building01.pngLarge bloomery and Building01.pngbrick bloomery requires 5 Item01.pngiron ore to make 1 Item02.pngiron bloom.