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Mob Boar.png
Aggressive: No*
Possible loot: Item01.pngWild boar meat
Item01.pngLarge raw hide
Item01.pngBoar's head

Boars are one of the passive animals found in the wild. They will ignore you but when threatened, they will counterattack for as long as the threat lasts until they are close to dying and then they will run from you when hit.

After killing a Boar, it's corpse can be skinned with a Bonus01.pngknife to get loot.

Before a Boar in the wild can be captured, it must first be injured enough that it will run away, instead of retaliating, when being attacked. It can then be captured with a Item02.pngBoar lariat and tamed by feeding it Bonus01.png3??. It will take multiple successful feedings to tame it.

A Item02.pngBoar mount can be stored Building01.pngStables for safe keeping.

Animal taming[edit | edit source]

Animal taming level Category Hability Snare Trap Feed Cooldown
31-48 Mount 60% speed bonus Item03.pngsnare for dangerous animals Item02.pngboar lariat 20 Item01.pngraisins 6 hours