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Type: Crafting
Max Level: 30

Cartography is a skill used to hunt treasures and craft Item04.pngstash map, Item04.pngtreasure map, and Item04.pngbig treasure map.

It is also used to save locations in the world for world navigation.

Treasure Hunter[edit | edit source]

Get Item04.pngmap scraps, craft a map, use it, and follow the pointer. Kill the guards at the target location to loot the chest.

  • Stash map has no guards and simple loot
  • Treasure map spawns 3 bandits and has better loot
  • Big treasure map spawns 3 Bonus01.pngcorrupted lands creatures and has the best loot

Saved locations[edit | edit source]

Use saved locations to set a point marker at a specific place in the world. Every 5 levels of cartography increases saved locations by one.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Explore the world, searching for strange signs or map scraps to level up the skill.

Bring a Bonus01.pngshovel to dig the treasure.

Loot fast. Once opened, other players can loot the chest as well.

Spread saved locations in different places. Switch the pointer to find yourself in the map.

Hit M key to open the cartography window and save your current location.