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Craftsman's insight and Battle focus

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Craftsman's insight and Battle focus are "experience storages" available for the character, for "peaceful" and "combat" skills correspondingly.

  • Insight and focus points are automatically spent for boosting experience gain for the corresponding skill types.
  • The higher your skill is, the more boost you gain. After the boost points are over, the experience gain speed is back to normal.
  • Their values are replenished daily at GMT+03 until full.
  • Logging out your character while it is inside a house or castle with Bonus01.pngThe coziness effect increases the amount of Craftsman's insight and Battle focus points you receive at server's reset time.
  • Consume XP boost potions to replenish Craftsman's insight or Battle focus.

Try not to waste Craftsman's insight and Battle focus on unnecessary actions and skills.