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Mob Deer.png
Aggressive: No
Possible loot: Item02.pngVenison
Item01.pngLarge raw hide
Item01.pngDeer's head

Description[edit | edit source]

The Deer is one of the animals found within Wild Terra. The Wild Deer it is a calm animal that enjoys spending its time running around in the forest eating grass. Deer will not attack players, even when provoked, they will just keep running away until you catch and kill them.

After you have killed a Deer, you can equip a Bonus01.pngknife in your right hand and click on the Deer to receive loot.

Animal taming[edit | edit source]

Animal taming level Category Hability Snare Trap Feed Cooldown
18-30 Mount 70% speed bonus Item03.pngsnare for deer and horses Item02.pngdeer lariat 10 Item01.pngseeds 3 hours