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Congratulations to all of the upcoming Easter! In the world of Wild Terra comes the sacred season of Fertility and Revival.

The event will last until April 30.

Event[edit | edit source]

At this time, treasure hunters often see the mysterious Sacred Hare crawling out of the chests (can also be found in the woods).

If you are lucky to shoot him, the Sacred Duck will appear from it.

Not everyone will be able to catch it, but the luckiest will get the Mysterious egg in one of three colors: red, green or blue.

Eating these eggs, you get the following bonuses

  • Green mysterious egg: acts when you water a plant, increases the future harvest by 20%.
  • Blue mysterious egg: acts when you water a plant, increases the chance of ripening by 20%.

When eating eggs, there is a rare chance to find the Mysterious Needle, which gives the effect of Revival and the unique title Reborn after its use!

Mysterious egg

Special items[edit | edit source]

In the Events section of the Auction, Mysterious Eggs can also be exchanged for holiday items:

  • Pet Sacred Duck.
  • Pet Sacred Hare.
  • Mount Sacred Bull (speed +100%).
  • A unique Hat of Farming and Taming, accelerating the germination and maturation of all plantings after their watering and processing, as well as reducing the time until the next feeding at taming by 30%.
  • Abundance chest. In it, you can find Sacred Animals, Farming and Taming Hat, Mysterious Eggs, Potions and Scrolls, Spices, Various Foods, Culinary Ingredients, Seeds for Farmers, Traps, and Lures for Fishing. Try your luck!
Mount Sacred Bull

New features[edit | edit source]

The revival effect is implemented:

  • Acts until the first death.
  • Does not disappear when leaving the game.
  • Items from the inventory after death do not drop out.
  • The durability of the equipment does not decrease at death.
  • There is no cooldown time for the revival on the bed.
  • After revive, health and stamina are fully restored.
  • It works only for death from animals and monsters, for suicide or death from other players does not work, but it is not wasted.

Implemented Revival Scroll, it can be found in chests and treasures, as well as purchased in the game store. Unlike the Mysterious Needle, this scroll does not give the title Reborn.

Those who could not collect enough Mysterious Eggs can purchase it at the game store.