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Type: Extraction
Max Level: 40

Farming is a skill used to cultivate plants and trees and harvest crops, such as Item01.pngpumpkin, Item02.pngonion, Item01.pngrye grain and Item01.pnggrapes.

It is useful to get materials to use on Skills.pngcookery.

Start your farm[edit | edit source]

  • Equip the seeds and click on the soil to plant it.
  • Build a Building01.pngWell, get Item01.pngWater and use it to grow your plants.
  • Then wait for the set amount of time and use a Bonus01.pngSickle for harvesting.

Tree farm[edit | edit source]

Equip a Bonus01.pngknife, click on a tree and pick a sapling. Cultivate the sapling in the same way as seeds.

Fertilizer[edit | edit source]

You can use Item01.pngwater, Item02.pnglime or Item02.pngbird droppings on your farm.

Fertilizer Time Chance to grown Amount of crops
Item01.pngWater Normal Normal Normal
Item02.pngLime Slower More chance Less crops
Item02.pngBird droppings Faster Less chance More crops

Tips[edit | edit source]

Equipping a Bonus01.pngbucket increase the quantity of Item01.pngwater you get on the Building01.pngwell. Getting water from a Building01.pngfountain is faster.

A good quality Bonus01.pngsickle made of a rare material can increase the chance to harvest crops above your farming skill and the quantity of crops as well.

You can get seeds eating some vegetables and fruits, like Item01.pngpumpkin pieces, Item01.pnggrapes and Item01.pngraisins.

Some crops can be used as a seed: Item03.pngbarley, Item02.pngbeans and Item02.pnggarlic.