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Some recipes can fulfill more than one type of food satiety and give a temporary effect.

Food is used to replenish satiety. Keep your hunger energy bar filled to recover more stamina points each tick and avoid Bonus01.pnghunger and Bonus01.pngstarvation effects.

You can take drinks to regenerate stamina points.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Some high level Skills.pngcookery skill foods and drinks have a temporary effect which lasts 30 minutes. You can have up to 4 effects at the same time. Activating 5 effects gives you the Bonus01.pngovereating debuff.

Peaceful effects[edit | edit source]

Peaceful effects can increase the speed or the chance of success performing some actions.

Skill Effect Food
Skills.pngGathering Increases gathering speed by 50%. Item03.pngPearl barley porridge
Skills.pngGathering Increases resource collection chance by 10%. Item03.pngOnions bun
Skills.pngGathering Get more resource by gathering skill by 10%. Item03.pngBean soup
Crafting Increases craft speed by 50%. Item02.pngFried beans
Crafting Increases craft chance by 10%. Item03.pngRaisins bun
Crafting Decreases stamina drain when you craft items by 50%. Item03.pngHoney donut
Building Increases building speed by 50%. Item02.pngBean salad
Skills.pngMining Get more resource by mining skill by 10%. Item01.pngVegetable stew
Skills.pngAnimal taming Increases the chance to tame a captured animal by 10%. Item02.pngVenison steak
Skills.pngCartography Increases object research chance by 10%. Item03.pngPretzel

Energy drinks[edit | edit source]

Energy drinks can apply an effect related to your energy. You can have only one energy effect active at the same time. Drinking a different energy drink replace the current energy effect. It does stack with wel-fed warrior buff.

Effect Food
Decreases stamina drain while running by 25%. Item04.pngFruit juice
Increases mount speed by 20%, increases stamina drain. Item04.pngDry wine
Increases stamina regeneration. Item04.pngStrong liquor

Wel-fed warrior[edit | edit source]

Wel-fed warrior food gives a specific combat buff. You can have only one combat effect active at the same time. Eating a different wel-fed warrior food replace the active combat buff.

Effect Food
Decreases stamina drain when using battle skills by 50%. Item03.pngRunning wurst
Increases parry chance by 10%. Item03.pngStippgrutze
Decreases ability cooldown for all battle skills. Item03.pngBregenwurst

Tips[edit | edit source]

In early-game, hunt animals to make Item01.pngroasted meat to fill meat hunger bar, farm godsends to get Item01.pngbannock to fill bread, explore the map looking for Item01.pngcarrot to fill vegetables, pluck Item01.pngapples in apple trees to fill fruits and gather Item01.pngChanterelles, Item01.pngCeps or Item01.pngEggs to fill mixed satiety.

You can cook Item01.pngChanterelles, Item01.pngCeps and Item01.pngEggs to increase its satiety.