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Type: Machines
Skill: Skills.png19Stone working
Gives bonus: Bonus01.png
Size: 2x2
Slots: 15
Cycle: 10 sec
Required: Item02.png4Rough hewn boulder
Item02.png17Rough hewn stone

Icon Bonus Stamina.gif4Stamina

The Forge is a machine that allows your to disassemble most metal items (except bronze).

Metal items can be disassembled and a proportion of the materials used to make the item may be recovered. (Non-metal items require the Workbench) The item to be disassembled must be in the Inventory and near to the lit Forge. A hammer is also required. Fuel should be placed inside the Forge (it can also be useful for storage).

NOTE: Wear on the item (check Durability) reduces the amount recovered. For a very worn item, nothing will be recovered and no completion report appears.