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Type: Extraction
Max Level: 30

Gathering skill defines the chance of finding and collecting some resources in the wild to get some materials such as Item01.pngseeds, Item02.pnghoney and Item01.pngclay.

Levels[edit | edit source]

If your skill level is 10 levels below the required resource level, you will not see it. With a difference of 9 levels, the chance to find a resource will be 10% and so on up to 100%.

Resource Gathering level Level required to see 10%
Resource Pile of stones.pngPile of stones 1 1
Resource Pile of wood.pngPile of wood 1 1
Resource Wild carrot.pngWild carrot 3 1
Resource small clay pit.pngSmall clay deposit 5 1
Resource Ceps.pngMushrooms 7 1
Resource Wild rye.pngWild rye 9 1
Resource Nest.pngNest 12 3
Resource Madder.pngMadder 15 6
Resource Poppy flower.pngPoppy flower 15 6
Resource Chamomile.pngChamomile 15 6
Resource Cornflower.pngCornflower 15 6
Resource Wild weeds.pngWild weeds 20 11
Resource Wild beehive.pngWild beehive 25 16
Resource Clay pit.pngClay pit 30 21

Tips[edit | edit source]

Activate Low Graphics Mode and explore the map.

You can eat Item03.pngPearl barley porridge to increase gathering speed, Item03.pngOnions bun to increase the chance to gather a resource and Item03.pngBean soup to increase the amount of resources collected.

Hitting L key toggle Low Graphics Mode and make easier to find resources.