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Type: Extraction
Max Level: 30

Gathering skill defines the chance of finding and collecting some resources in the wild to get some materials such as Item01.pngseeds, Item02.pnghoney and Item01.pngclay.


If your skill level is 10 levels below the required resource level, you will not see it. With a difference of 9 levels, the chance to find a resource will be 10% and so on up to 100%.

Resource Gathering level Level required to see 10%
 Pile of stones 1 1
 Pile of wood 1 1
 Wild carrot 3 1
 Small clay deposit 5 1
 Mushrooms 7 1
 Wild rye 9 1
 Nest 12 3
 Madder 15 6
 Poppy flower 15 6
 Chamomile 15 6
 Cornflower 15 6
 Wild weeds 20 11
 Wild beehive 25 16
 Clay pit 30 21


Activate Low Graphics Mode and explore the map.

You can eat  Pearl barley porridge to increase gathering speed,  Onions bun to increase the chance to gather a resource and  Bean soup to increase the amount of resources collected.

Hitting L key toggle Low Graphics Mode and make easier to find resources.