Heavy armor

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Heavy armor
Category: Combat
Type: Defensive
Max Level: 50

Heavy armor is a skill used to fight equipping heavy armor sets:

Set Head Chest Legs Hands Feet
Copper armor Item02.pngScale copper armor
Bronze armor Item02.pngBronze helmet Item02.pngBronze breastplate Item02.pngBronze pteruges Item02.pngBronze bracers Item02.pngBronze greaves
Iron armor Item01.pngIron helmet Item01.pngIron cuirass Item01.pngIron tassets Item01.pngIron gloves Item01.pngIron greaves
Steel armor Item01.pngSteel helmet Item01.pngSteel cuirass Item01.pngSteel tassets Item01.pngSteel gloves Item01.pngSteel greaves
Noble armor Item01.pngNoble cuirass Item01.pngNoble tassets Item01.pngNoble gloves Item01.pngNoble greaves
Thozorium armor Item04.pngThozorium helmet Item04.pngThozorium cuirass Item04.pngThozorium leggings Item04.pngThozorium gloves Item04.pngThozorium greaves

It increases the defense.

Abilites[edit | edit source]

Level up the skill to unlock the special ability:

  • Charge: charge a target and applies Bonus01.pngslowdown effect.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Each piece of heavy armor you wear decreases the weapon damage and character's speed. On the other hand, each piece increases the defense and the damage absorption. It is a tank equipment.

Eat wel-fed warrior food and energy drink to get combat bonus.

Increase vitality stat to improve your survivability.

Skills.pngMace fighting weapons can ignore 40% heavy armor defense. Skills.pngFencing abilities can ignore the target's defense.