Iron ore

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Disambig.png This article is about the item. For the resource in the world, see Iron deposit.
Iron ore
Type: Materials
Skill: Skills.png40Mining
Stack size: 50
Required: Item03.png1Raw iron ore

Bonus01.pngMining pick

Iron ore is mined from Resource Iron ore.pngiron deposit, which can be found in Bonus01.pngdisputable lands.

To mine iron, you need to have a Bonus01.pngmining pick equipped in your right hand and high level Skills.pngmining skill.

Iron ore is used to create Item02.pngiron bloom in Building01.pngsmall, Building01.pnglarge or Building01.pngbrick bloomery.

PVP servers[edit | edit source]

On PVP servers there is one more way of getting Iron ore. Every day Mine-with-iron-ore.pngmine with iron ore are open, and all players can collect Item03.pngRaw iron ore from it. Item03.png1Raw iron ore can then be processed to Item01.png8iron ore to be smelt as usual.