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Type: Crafting
Max Level: 55

Leatherworking is a skill used to work with Item01.pngcrafted leather, Item02.pngleather stripes, Item01.pngleather piece, Item01.pnghardened leather, and Item02.pnghardened leather stripes.

It is required to craft items, like Item03.pngsnare for dangerous animals and Item04.pngbull lariat, or light armor pieces, such as Item02.pnghardened leather helmet, Item02.pngstudded leather jacket, and Item04.pngthozorium leather pants.

Making leather[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

New players can hunt Mob Deer.pngdeers and Mob Horse.pnghorses to get large raw hides. Both animals don't fight back.

Split the Item01.pnglarge raw hide stack to dry more units per cycle in the Building01.pngdrying frame.


Put more than one stack of Item01.pngwater, Item02.pnglime liquor, Item02.pnganimal brains liquor, Item02.pngbird droppings liquor, or Item01.pngtanning liquor to accelerate the Building01.pngceramic tanning vat or Building01.pngwooden tanning vat process.