Light armor

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Light armor
Category: Combat
Type: Defensive
Max Level: 50

Light armor is a skill used to fight equipping light armor sets:

Set Head Chest Legs Hands Feet
Rawhide clothes Item01.pngRawhide hat Item01.pngRawhide vest Item01.pngRawhide loincloth Item01.pngRawhide gloves Item01.pngRawhide boots
Fur clothes Item01.pngFur hat Item01.pngFur coat Item01.pngFur pants Item01.pngFur gloves Item01.pngFur boots
Leather armor Item01.pngLeather helmet Item01.pngLeather jacket Item01.pngLeather pants Item01.pngLeather gloves Item01.pngLeather boots
Hardened leather armor Item02.pngHardened leather helmet Item02.pngHardened leather jacket Item02.pngHardened leather pants Item02.pngHardened leather gloves Item02.pngHardened leather boots
Studded leather armor Item02.pngStudded leather helmet Item02.pngStudded leather jacket Item02.pngStudded leather pants Item02.pngStudded leather gloves Item02.pngStudded leather boots
Thozorium leather armor Item04.pngThozorium leather helmet Item04.pngThozorium leather jacket Item04.pngThozorium leather pants Item04.pngThozorium leather gloves Item04.pngThozorium leather boots

It increases the defense and dodge chance.

Abilites[edit | edit source]

Level up the skill to unlock the special ability:

Tips[edit | edit source]

Light armor has low defense, high chance to dodge and no character's speed penalty. It is a DPS equipment.

Eat wel-fed warrior food and energy drink to get combat bonus.

Increase dexterity stat to decrease the dodge cool down.

Equipping one piece of Skills.pngheavy armor or Skills.pngshield mastery removes the dodge chance and the roll ability.