Mace fighting

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Mace fighting
Category: Combat
Type: Offensive
Max Level: 50

Mace fighting is a skill used to fight equipping Item01.pngstone mining pick, Item02.pngbronze mining pick, Item01.pngiron mining pick, Item01.pngsteel mining pick, Item02.pngfrying pan, Item04.pngthozorium mining pick or Item04.pngcrystal mace.

It increases damage, parry and critical chance.

Abilites[edit | edit source]

Level up the skill to unlock two special attacks:

  • Suppression: chance to Bonus01.pngstun the enemy or instantly kills an enemy without a headwear
  • Stone crusher: it prevents the enemy from Bonus01.pngdefend using a shield for 30 seconds

Tips[edit | edit source]

Eat wel-fed warrior food and energy drink to get combat bonus.

Increase strength stat to deal more damage.

Mace weapons can ignore the target's defense. Useful to fight against Skills.pngheavy armor and Skills.pngshield mastery.