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Type: Extraction
Max Level: 50

Mining is the skill required to mine metal deposits to get Item02.pngcopper ore, Item02.pngcassiterite, Item02.pnglimestone, Item02.pngcoal, Item01.pngiron ore, and Item04.pngthozorium ore.

It's used to get material to work on Skills.pngblacksmithing.

Levels[edit | edit source]

The chance of finding rare metals depends on mining skill level.

If your skill level is 10 levels below the required resource level, you will not see it. With a difference of 9 levels, the chance to find a resource will be 10% and so on up to 100%.

Deposit Mining level Level required to see 10%
Resource Boulder.pngBoulder 3 1
Resource Copper deposit.pngCopper 6 1
Resource Tin deposit.pngTin 12 3
Resource Limestone deposit.pngLimestone 25 16
Resource Coal deposit.pngCoal 30 21
Resource Iron ore.pngIron 40 31
Resource-thozorium-deposit.pngThozorium 50 41

Tips[edit | edit source]

The quality and material of the mining pick can help you to mine high level deposits and extract more ores.

Equip a high quality Bonus01.pngmining pick to increase the chance to mine a deposit above your skill level and the number of ores extracted.

You can eat Item01.pngVegetable stew to get more ores when mining a deposit.

Mining deposits is not the only way to level up. Open the craft window, select the mining skill and craft some item near your current level.