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Changes and fixes 0.8.23 (Feb 2017)[edit | edit source]

Improvements and fixes 0.8.23

In the world of Wild Terra the summer is coming back again. Have disappeared drifts, snowmen, Christmas socks, winter wolves, white boar and white deer.

Have appeared flowers, which you can collect and make wreaths from it.

Anyone who weave a wreath in the period until 16 February will receive a unique title Enamored. Recall that you can change or disable your titles by pressing N.

Changed the mechanics of destruction dominiums by players. Now, after the destruction of dominium by a conventional or siege weapons, it does not disappear, but becomes a broken. Locks on the containers and on the doors, stop working until it is will be repaired or is finished the Siege.

Greatly reduced damage from ballista and battering ram.

Reduced skill requirements for the construction of ballista and battering rams. Changed the list of required materials.

Rebalance all durability of buildings, walls and dominiums to increase activity during the siege.

Battering ram could now do low damage even to stone and brick walls, and ballista requires less shots for breaking walls.

Implemented a timer for the revival on the bed and near the leader of the group for beginners. The more often you die, so it becomes longer (up to a maximum of 5 minutes). After 20 minutes, the timer is reset.

During the siege and beginner bonus timer reduced by 2 times. Reborn in a random location you can without delay.

Fixed critical error of memory leak when animals and players appears on the screen, which led to a decrease in performance during long games. It requires testing and feedback.

"Take all" button is returned. Fixed disappearance of items, require testing.

In the crafts and construction now shows the correct amount expended stamina considering a bonus and the chance of success.

For all graphic color correction has been made to align its saturation.

Implemented a new model and animations for the Barghest.

When playing through a web, is no longer pops up a context menu on the screen of death.

Fixed a bug with pointers to other members of the group if they do not move. It requires testing and feedback.

Fixed a bug due to which the automatic equipment of the ax, did not work for the dead trees.

Fixed behavior of attacking animals, so they will not always run away, encountering obstacles.

Fixed a bug due to which the animals could break the treasures in the disputed lands.

Fixed a bug due to which could not replenish the "Craftsman's Insight" and "Battle Focus".

Fixed a bug due to which the planting received periodic damage in the disputed lands.

Fixed a bug due to which, the damage from the ballista was applied not to all buildings in a radius of damage.

Fixed a bug in the crucible and the crucible workshop, due to which it was possible to obtain steel, excluding costs of cast iron.

Reduce the size of the physical body for the battering ram and the ballista.

Reduced the number of arrows and tips in godsends.

Increased the cooldown for shooting from a sling.

Added Turkish language.