Stone oven

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Stone oven
Type: Machines
Skill: Skills.png13Stone working
Slots: 5
Cycle: 50 sec
Required: Item02.png10Rough hewn stone

Icon Bonus Stamina.gif3Stamina

The Stone oven is a more advanced machine for cooking than a Building01.pngcampfire and can cook more food types, but has a longer cycle time. See Building01.pngCampfire for a more detailed discussion of the cooking process.

Fuel types used each cycle: Item02.png1coal, Item01.png1charcoal, Item02.png2poles, Item01.png5cuttings , Item01.png5slivers , Item02.png10branches.

Building01.pngBrick oven is a more advanced version of the oven that can cook any food type.

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