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Type: Structures
Skill: Skills.png10Carpentry
Size: 2x2
Slots: 10
Required: Item01.png16Log
Item02.png8Bronze bracket
Item01.png8Leather piece

Icon Bonus Stamina.gif2Stamina

Stores are special Structures with 10 slots where items can be offered for sale. An owner can offer items that are not bound for a price in spices. All spices have the same trade value. Visitors can purchase an item on sale if they are carrying the number of spices asked for. After a sale, the seller can pick up the spices from the Store, but no record is kept of what was sold. A Building01.pngVending stand has the same function but has 5 slots.

Items for sale can also be searched at an Building01.pngAuction House where the buyer can purchase items remotely, but a 20% delivery fee will be added (rounded up).