Vending stand

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Vending stand
Type: Structures
Skill: Skills.png10Carpentry
Required: Item02.png6Rough planks

Icon Bonus Stamina.gif2Stamina

Vending stands are special Structures with 5 slots where items can be offered for sale. An owner can offer items that are not bound for a price in spices. All spices have the same trade value. Visitors can purchase an item on sale if they are carrying the number of spices asked for. After a sale, the seller can pick up the spices from the Vending stand, but no record is kept of what was sold. A Building01.pngStore has the same function but has 10 slots.

Items for sale can also be searched at an Building01.pngAuction House where the buyer can purchase items remotely, but a 20% delivery fee will be added (rounded up).