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About Wild Terra

Wild Terra Online is a hardcore role-playing sandbox game, in a completely player-controlled medieval world. You will not need to complete a chain of tasks and kill a thousand wolves to create equipment. Everything is much more interesting! You will have to understand the actual production stages of manufacturing hardened leather, steel, and other materials. You will have to survive in a forest full of predators, build a shelter and improve your crafts skills, develop a farm, tame animals, and explore new territories and fight for treasures. In Wild Terra, you can become anyone and do whatever you want!

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Patches, Updates & Current Client

Major Update 9.50. New Taming, new Spears and much more!

  • Catching and taming now use the Taming skill in the same form as it does for small animals and birds.
  • All types of lariats for taming now do not disappear, but work on the principle of tools, it’s have a quality and durability, their recipes have been changed.
  • For catching mounts, special nets have been added, which need to slow down the animal before using lariats.
  • After catching, the animal needs to be fed successfully several times so that it allows it to ride. The success of feeding depends on the skill of Taming.
  • Added iron and steel spears. The characteristics of all kinds of spears are reconfigured.
  • Added bronze, iron and cast iron shells for the sling. The characteristics of the sling have been reconfigured.
  • Added an additional equipment slot for arrows and metal shells for the sling
  •
News & Announcements

We need your help with translations into French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Danish and Dutch


Unfortunately, the game is not fully translated into some languages: French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Danish and Dutch. All translations of Wild Terra are made and supported by volunteers. We are looking for those who will help us translate the game. If one of these languages is your native language, and you know English a bit - it will be easy for you. We need your help. If you want to help us with the translation into these languages, please write to us at [email protected]

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