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Welcome to the Official Wild Terra Wiki!
The comprehensive Wild Terra wiki reference; written and maintained by the players. We are currently maintaining 1,670 pages (542 articles) with 36,920 participating in this Wiki so far!
About Wild Terra

Wild Terra is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with open world. Surviving in wild nature, harvesting, hunting, gathering, craft, unlimited building, PvP, sieges, treasure hunting, and even more!

It is a hybrid of action-RPG and sandbox with building, crafting, gathering, farming and land claiming elements. There are no NPCs in the game, so the only way to get something is to create it by yourself or buy it from other players... or take it with brutal force. However we understand that not every one have enough time to "live" in the game doing everything by themselves that is why all game processes are expedited to make game a little bit easier.

We can say this about your character progress as well. It is very boring to level up your character to XX-level just to get a good sword and start to fight. There will be levels however, but they will only grant you small additional benefits in combat, not total domination.

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Patches, Updates & Current Client

Live client coming April 2016!

Currently, this is our largest patch yet bringing much needed changes to Wild Terra. This infographic shows the major innovations we currently are testing before going to the main live client. These changes can also be found in the forums under News & Announcements.

Anyone can take part in the testing. Feel free to participate and help us find errors and flaws in the game so we can fix them. The sooner we find the bugs, the quicker we can fix them and update the live servers with the new client. Tell us about all the bugs you find and attach logs when possible.

If you enjoy the game, you can support us by purchasing one of the three early access packages on our site. During tests, an additional discount will be added to the bundles!

Download the new test client from the Wild Terra test client download page . The test client is installed separately from the live client and does not interfere with play. Tests will last for a few days or as announced.

News & Announcements

Check out our latest interview over at mmorpg.com where we discuss the changes coming to Wild Terra in April 2016!